Agence eSanté at the service of citizen health

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The Agence eSanté was present at the Orientation Day organised by the Ministry for the Family, Solidarity, Living Together and Reception of Refugees, which took place on Saturday 9 March 2024 at the European Convention Centre in Kirchberg

L'Agence eSanté au service de la santé citoyenne

This event was an invaluable opportunity for the signatories of the Reception and Integration Contract and adherents of the new "Biergerpakt"(Citizenship Pact) programme, which came into force in 2024. The main aim was to familiarise them with administrative procedures, the country's institutions and community life in Luxembourg.

Agence eSanté was one of 40 stands at the event, which attracted more than 930 participants. It was a great opportunity for us to inform interested parties about the steps they need to take to benefit from the DSP (Dossier de Soins Partagé), the secure electronic health record containing essential health information, as well as the CVE (Carnet de Vaccination Electronique), which allows simplified consultation and monitoring of vaccinations.

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