Encouraging AR/IPD digitization


Call for referrals in the context of the digitization incentive scheme set up by the Agence eSanté as part of the accelerated reimbursement (AR) and immediate direct payment (IDP) programmes

The Agence eSanté – national agency for health data sharing - has been commissioned by the “Caisse Nationale de Santé” (CNS) and the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to set up an incentive scheme for the digitization of the healthcare system in Luxembourg with a view to promoting the deployment of accelerated reimbursement (AR) and immediate direct payment (IPD).

Together with the CNS through the Agence eSanté, this scheme should enable the implementation of objectives to accelerate the deployment of Software Solutions that meet certain technical and functional requirements. In order to qualify for the scheme, Software Solutions must meet the prerequisites set out in the Referencing Specifications File (DSR) and the criteria and requirements of the Referencing Requirements and Criteria (RECL), which can be viewed and downloaded at the bottom of the page. (available only in French)

Under the scheme, the Agence eSanté contributes a flat-rate fee of €625 (incl. VAT) following any new installation of a Referenced Software Solution for connection by a doctor/dentist to the accelerated reimbursement (AR) service or, alternatively, to the immediate direct payment (IDP) service, as specified in the DSR and RECL.

In order for a Software Solution to be referenced, it must first be labelled in accordance with the DSR criteria.

The chosen mechanism is an open and non-selective system which does not grant any exclusivity to Manufacturers, who must comply with the conditions of the DSR. All Manufacturers meeting the conditions defined by the open and non-selective referencing system may access the scheme throughout its duration.

The system is governed by the following provisions:

  • The tasks of the Agence eSanté pursuant to Article 60ter of the “Code de la Sécurité Sociale” in the context of the operation and management of the national electronic platform for the exchange and sharing of health data, the promotion of interoperability and security in the establishment of health information systems;
  • The addendum to the 2022-2024 Contract of Objectives and Resources, which empowers the Agence eSanté to set up this system. This addendum is signed between the CNS, the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Agence eSanté G.I.E., in accordance with the coalition agreement 2018-2023 and approved by decision of the Government, the Board of Directors of the CNS and the Management Board of the Agence eSanté;
  • The following three documents:
    • The Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) covering the labelling process;
    • The Referencing Specifications File (DSR) setting out the procedures for submitting and requiring applications to participate in the referencing process, as well as the procedures for allocating funding;
    • The Referencing Requirements and Criteria (RECL);

For further information, please contact us at equalis@esante.lu or helpdesk@esante.lu

Partnership agreement RA/PID (14/09/2023) : eAdminEpione v2.3 (EPIONE Sarl)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (04/10/2023) : EMED/Connecteur PID v4 (BMS Engineering Sarl)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (25/10/2023) : Doctolux (Kattam-Group SA)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (21/02/2024) : Doctipro v1.2 (MIP-IT Sarl)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (15/03/2024) : HealthLink PID v1.0 (HealthLink)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (15/03/2024) : Medicus v2.8 (SIMS Solutions)
Partnership agreement RA/PID (11/06/2024) : GestoMed 2.0 (Telkea Soft SA)