This space is dedicated to suppliers of digital health solutions (software publishers, service companies, consulting firms, etc...)

Do you produce software, applications or connected medical devices for health?
Do you contribute to the innovation and organisation of e-health?

Our experts can support you and help you understand the requirements and challenges of the products and services proposed by the Agence eSanté. Find below the list of referents for the different fields:

 Framework for the Interoperability of Health Information Systems (CI-SIS)  Samuel Danhardt  Technology and Interoperability Officer
 National Interoperability Framework (NIF)  Samuel Danhardt
 Jens Ferring
 Technology and Interoperability Officer
 Technology and Interoperability - Development
 Security  Jérôme Gauthier  Chief Information Security Officer
 References medicines  Stéphanie Machon  Health expert
 References nursing and biological analysis  Maud Delporte  Project Manager - Health Professions Expert - Nurse
 eQualis (Compliance labelling procedure)  Heiko Zimmermann  Head of Interoperability & Compliance

 Electronic health record (DSP- Dossier de Soins Partagé)

 Sébastien Wafflart
 Frédéric Markus
 Chief Operating Officer
 Deputy Chief Operating Officer
 Electronic Vaccination Record (CVE - Carnet  de Vaccination Électronique)

 Maud Delporte
 Raffaella Vaccaroli

 Project Manager - Health Professions Expert - Nurse
 Deputy Chief Operating Services Officer

 Teleconsultation  Eric Miglioranzo  Project Manager - Health Professions 
 ePrescription  Eric Miglioranzo  Project Manager - Health Professions 
 DataLake  Raffaella Vaccaroli  Deputy Chief Operating Services Officer
 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)  Heiko Zimmermann  Head of Interoperability & Compliance
 Living Lab  Frédéric Markus  Chief Operating Officer
 Pharmaceutical Decision Support System  Stéphanie Machon  Health expert


You can contact one of our experts by phone (+352) 27 12 50 18 1 or email