One eSanté account
for multiple online health services



Why activate my eSanté account?

Whether you are a patient or a health professional, by activating your eSanté account, you have direct and secure access to the various digital health services.

What services are available?

DSP (Dossier des soins partagé – electronic health record)
Teleconsultation (currently only available to health professionals)
Electronic reimbursement of bills
Cross-border exchange of the Patient Summary, a "MaSanté@UE" service
ePrescription (in pilot phase)
Electronic Vaccination Record
Secure messaging (only for health professionals)
Primary Care Physician Tool (only for health professionals)

How do I activate my eSanté account?

To activate your eSanté account, you need the personal activation code, which was sent to you by mail by the Agence eSanté.

You have your activation code?
  • If you are a PATIENT, CLICK HERE.

You don't have your activation code?
Do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk :

  • by email at :
  • by phone at :  (+352) 27 12 50 18 33
  • by online appointment via eHelpdesk our virtual counter