Electronic healthcare record - DSP (Dossier de Soins Partagé)


The DSP is your personal and secure electronic healthcare record that:

  • contains your essential health data
  • is only accessible to you and the health professionals authorised in Luxembourg to whom you give access
  • facilitates your follow-up and the coordination of your healthcare
  • promotes optimal care and helps avoid unnecessary or redundant examinations
  • can even save your life in case of a medical emergency

The benefits of the DSP for you:

  • all your essential health information is in one place, so there is no need to carry your files from one doctor to another
  • if you change doctors, they can access the content directly if you give them access rights
  • the DSP can even save your life: in case of a medical emergency, the health professionals who take care of you have direct access to your essential data, if you have granted access to them

To access your DSP, activate your eSanté account

Avantages DSP pour vous
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Your health data at hand with the myDSP app

The myDSP app, which you can download on your smartphone, enables you to:

  • view the contents of your DSP
  • share/print a document
  • give access to a healthcare professional
  • check who has accessed your file

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