The DSP is your free, personal and secure electronic health record. It centralises all the essential information relating to your health in one place.

You alone have access to your DSP, as well as the authorised health professionals in Luxembourg to whom you have decided to give access rights. You can see at any time who has accessed your DSP, when and which document has been consulted or filed.

You can also hide certain shared documents, and define the level of confidentiality of certain documents in order to limit their visibility to certain health professionals. You have a personal communication area in which you can post personal health information yourself.

You can also ask at any time to close your DSP or to reopen it.

The legal framework provides that each person affiliated to the Luxembourg social security system can benefit from a DSP. In this context, the Agence eSanté, which is responsible for creating a DSP for each insured person, will gradually send all insured persons a letter for opening the DSP, so that each insured person will have his or her DSP.

Your DSP is created by the Agence eSanté G.I.E., the national agency for shared information in the health field. This is one of its legal missions, transcribed in article 60quater of the Social Security Code, which specifies that it will make a DSP available to patients and health professionals.

The Agence eSanté creates a DSP for all persons affiliated to Luxembourg social security.

The DSP does not contain any documents at the time of its creation, but will grow over time once it has been activated.

The DSP will contain all the useful and relevant health data required for optimal care, provided by the various health professionals involved in your health care pathway.

The DSP may contain, for example

  • your laboratory test results
  • your blood group
  • any allergies you may have
  • the medicines and other treatments you are taking
  • reports of medical consultations
  • the results of your radiological examinations
  • your hospital records
  • your expression of wishes, e.g. regarding organ donation
  • your medical consultation reports

Yes, you can close your DSP at any time. In this case, no one will be able to access it. To request the closure of your DSP, simply fill in the "Request for closure" form and send it, duly completed and together with the requested supporting documents, to the Agence eSanté.

However, closing your DSP will complicate the exchange and share of your health information electronically between the various health professionals treating you.

If you change your mind, you can of course ask for it to be reopened again at any time.

Not having a DSP has no impact on your reimbursement rights.

No, the DSP does not replace the medical file kept by the health professional (liberal or institutional): the latter will continue to expand his medical file with the notes taken during a consultation, and will only extract the relevant information in order to add them to the DSP.

More detailed information on the DSP is available on our website, or can be requested from our Helpdesk by e-mail.

We can offer you 3 solutions:

1. You can get in touch with our Helpdesk team, who are at your disposal:

  • at desk n° 12 in the social insurance waiting room (CNS building - 125 route d'Esch - Luxembourg)
  • by phone: at the number (+352) 2712 50 1833
  • by e-mail: helpdesk@esante.lu

2. You can be assisted in the management of your DSP by a "DSP assistant": it is a trusted person from your entourage who can be assigned to your DSP. This person has the same access rights as you.

3. You can give access to the healthcare professional, for example your doctor, at any time of your consultation, by giving him your "presence code". Or register him/her in your medical circle of trust to give him/her a permanent access that will remain valid as long as you do not change it.

No, the DSP is not mandatory, unless you have signed a declaration with a referring doctor. In general, having a DSP is advisable, since it centralises your essential health data and thus facilitates the monitoring and coordination of your health care. Everyone can close their DSP at any time, but also request it to be reopened afterwards.

Yes, the "MyDSP" mobile app can be downloaded in the AppStore or on GooglePlay.

Having a DSP brings you several advantages:

All your essential health information is centralised in one place, and therefore:

  • you no longer need to memorize them.
  • you no longer need to take documents from one doctor to another.
  • healthcare professionals have your healthcare data directly at their fingertips.
  • this facilitates optimal care, best suited to your state of health.
  • If you change doctors, they can have direct access to the content, if you grant them the right of access.
  • The DSP can even save your life: in the event of a medical emergency, the health care providers who support you have direct access to your essential data.

In any of these cases, the patient or health professional is requested to contact our Helpdesk: by email (helpdesk@esante.lu) or by telephone (+352 27 12 50 18 33). They will tell you what to do.


In the "Synthèse" section under the tab "Mes derniers documents", you can see the documents recently files in your DSP.
In the "Vue Documentaire” section, you can view your health data, classified in directories according to the type of document (analysis results, medical report, hospitalization report, radiological examinations, etc.).

Yes, you have the right to object to the exchange and sharing of health data with the health professional who supports you as part of the single consultation. (law of 24 July 2014on patient's rights and obligations)

Yes, you can set two privacy levels:

  • "confidential" level: in this case, the document is only visible to the patient (and / or his legal representative), his DSP assistant, his referring doctor, and health professionals within the Medical Circle of Confidence.
  • "private" level: in this case, the document is only accessible by the patient and by the author of the document (the healthcare professional who issued the document).

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to our user guide (p.19)

You can submit a document using the "déposer un document".  feature. All information and documents submitted by you, are saved in your "espace privé", so that it is clear to the healthcare professional that this is a document submitted by you, and not by a healthcare professional.

You cannot delete a document. The healthcare professional who has submitted documents in your DSP always retains a right of access to these documents.


In order  to access your DSP, you must first activate your "eSanté account" using the activation code indicated in the letter you received from the Agence eSanté. To do this, simply go to our website www.esante.lu, click on “Patients/eSanté account activation” section.
Accept the general terms and conditions an click on "Activate my account". Follow the given instructions (only 5 small steps) - it will only take 5 minutes.
The eSanté account can also be activated via the mobile app MyDSP. Details can be found here.
Once the activation is complete, you can, for example, define the access rights (medical circle of trust, emergency access, DSP assistant, etc.) or register your expression of will in terms of organ donation.
The other personal code indicated in our letter is the attendance code: it must be submitted to “independent” health professionals at the time of your consultation, in order to give them temporary access to your DSP.

In order to activate your DSP, you must first activate your eSanté account via the website www.esante.lu:.
Go to "Patient  / eSanté Account activation" . 
Accept the general terms of conditions and click on "Activate my account. Follow the given instructions (only 5 steps) - it will only take you 5 minutes.
You will then be able to connect to your DSP to activate, consult and manage it.

You can access your DSP after activating your account “eSanté", using the activation code received by mail from the Agence eSanté.

You can request the opening of your DSP at any time.All you have to do is fill in the DSP application form and send it, together with the requested supporting documents, to the Agence eSanté.

To obtain the application form for immediate opening, you can also request it from our Helpdesk via:

Once your request has been processed, the Agence eSanté will send you a letter containing the codes that will allow you to access and manage your DSP.

If you have already activated your “eSanté account” (with the login details sent to you by post by the Agence eSanté), simply log on to your personal space on the www.esante.lu website and access the DSP service. This is possible from any device connected to the internet.
You can also access your DSP on your smartphone via the MyDSP mobile application. Click here to learn how.

Access to your DSP is restricted to:

  • yourself (and, if applicable, your legal representative)
  • the health professionals to whom you have given access
  • the health professionals who take care of you in the context of a stay in a care facility (hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation centre, etc.)
  • your DSP assistant (if you have designated one)

You set the access rights within your DSP itself, and can change them at any time.

At any time you can see who has had access, when  and to which data in your DSP.

An independent health professional can only access your DSP if you give them access.

You have 2 possibilities to do this:

  • enter his name in your file, within the "medical circle of trust" (permanent access which remains valid as long as you do not change it)
  • give him your presence code (access for 24 hours)

A health professional who works in a health establishment (hospital, nursing home, etc.) or a home care network automatically accesses your file, unless you express your explicit opposition.

Your referring doctor is automatically granted access rights, as soon as the declaration agreement signed with you is validated. He can access your DSP at any time as soon as it is activated.
You can change the access rights during each medical consultation and/or at any time within your DSP.

The "Cercle Médical de Confiance" is made up of one or more independent health professionals (apart from the referring doctor) whom you have expressly designated as your healthcare professional advising you on your health care pathway. Through this explicit designation, the healthcare professional(s) concerned receive(s) permanent access to the data contained in your DSP. You can decide at any time to withdraw access to a doctor by removing him or her from your "Cercle Médical de Confiance".

You can access your DSP anywhere as long as you have internet access.

This also applies to the health professional, registered in Luxembourg, to whom the patient has granted access. On the other hand, a foreign doctor (not registered in Luxembourg) cannot access the DSP.

Yes, any action carried out in the DSP is traced, whether to consult or deposit health data. Thus, in the "Ligne de vie" section you can see who has accessed your DSP (displaying the name of the person), when (displaying the date and time), and what for (file or consult a document). 

Yes, you can block access to a healthcare professional by name (even if he/she works in a healthcare institution authorised to connect to your DSP), by putting him/her on the "blacklist". A "blacklisted" healthcare professional will not be able to access your DSP and therefore the data contained therein. One exception should be mentioned here: you do not have the option of blacklisting your referring doctor.

The DSP Assistant is a person - or persons - whom you have designated to assist you in the use and management of your DSP As soon as this specific designation is recorded in the DSP,  the DSP Assistant has immediate access to your DSP and has the same rights as you.

As all access to the DSP is traced, you will see at any time when the DSP assistant has accessed it and what actions have been carried out.

The DSP assistant must have a DSP himself. They access your DSP from their own DSP's home page, to which they log in using their personal login details, and select your DSP for which they are a "DSP Assistant".

Yes, the same person can be the DSP assistant for several patients (for example his father and mother).

You can designate a health professional as your "DSP assistant" as a private person, not in their capacity as a health professional.

To give access to your DSP to a health professional in his or her professional capacity, you can do so by:

  • entering his/her name in your file, within the "Cercle Médical de Confiance" (permanent access which remains valid as long as you do not change it)
  • giving them your presence code (time-limited access: 24 hours) 

No, health data are only accessible to health professionals authorised to practice in Luxembourg, if you have granted them the right of access.

This is normal if the health professional concerned is the author of the document in question (you can see this by accessing the document: his or her name is then indicated as the author), as any health professional who has filed documents in your DSP will still be able to access these documents (but only those).

If the health professional in question is not the author of the document, then we invite you to contact the Agency's Helpdesk, by email (helpdesk@esante.lu) or by telephone on (+352) 27 12 50 18 33.

There are three different cases:

1. The persons registered by you in your DSP as a DSP assistant, or health professional within your "medical circle of trust", have a permanent right of access to your DSP, until you remove their respective access rights.

2. The access that you grant to the independent health professional at the time of your consultation by communicating your presence code, is a time-limited access (24 hours). Please note that your presence code must be presented each time you consult the doctor.

3. Your referring doctor is automatically given access rights as soon as the declaration signed with you is validated. He can access your DSP at any time as soon as it is activated.

The various health professionals involved in your health care pathway will populate the DSP with relevant health data and thus contribute to the utility of the DSP. They will also have a real usage role, i.e. to make the DSP evolve in line with their professional practices.

If you have a problem connecting to the DSP, you can contact our Helpdesk by email at: helpdesk@esante.lu, or by telephone on (+352) 27 12 50 18 33.

You do not need to install any software to access your DSP. A simple internet connection is sufficient.


The data in your DSPis stored in a "health safe" located in Luxembourg.

Strong user authentication (unique password as for bank access, LuxTrust card, etc.) is required to send, read or retrieve information from a patient's DSP.

The high level of security and confidentiality is ensured by the Agence eSanté through the implementation of various security measures based on the following principles

  • strong authentication of users authorised to access the DSP Service
  • hosting in a datacentre established in Luxembourg and certified Tier IV and ISO 27001
  • provision of a unique DSP for each patient, uniquely identified through the patient identification directory and by applying the principles of identity vigilance set up within the Agence eSanté
  • access to the DSP service granted to each Healthcare Professional uniquely identified through the Healthcare Professionals identification reference directory.

The Agence eSanté allows any patient concerned and any healthcare professional to ask any question concerning the use of the DSP service, to exercise their rights and to notify any problem and lodge any complaint, by sending an email to:

confidentiel.sante@esante.lu for any request to the members of the Identity and Vigilance Unit concerning the medical content of the DSP Service, and the use of data in care;

  • privacy@esante.lu for any request to the Data Protection Officer concerning the protection of personal data;
  • helpdesk@esante.lu for any query concerning access and connection to the DSP and any general query.

The Agence eSanté can also be contacted by post at the following address (for the attention of the relevant department): Agence eSanté B.P. 2511 L-1025 Luxembourg.

Yes, the DSP applies the patient's rights defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), the Grand Ducal Regulation of 6 December 2019 specifying the terms and conditions for the implementation of the DSP, and the law of 24 July 2014 on the rights and obligations of the patient. Furthermore, in a transverse manner, the DSP respects the principle of patient self-determination.

No, the Agence eSanté does not have access to your data. Only the Agency's doctor, who is bound by professional secrecy and medical ethics, may have access to it, only in the context of an exceptional procedure. As with any access to your DSP, this access will also be traced by name.

The health data in the DSP is kept for 10 years. After this time period it is automatically destroyed.

However, your doctor or other health professional in charge of you, may determine, with your agreement, that certain health data should be kept for life. This data will then remain in your DSP until it is closed.

In the event of the holder's death, the Agency will close the holder's DSP as soon as it has been notified of the date of death by the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale or has received a death certificate. After closure, the data in the DSP is no longer accessible and is archived for a period of 10 years.


If you do not have/no longer have your personal login details enabling you to activate your "eSanté account" and use the eSanté services, please contact our Helpdesk:

- by phone: (+352) 27 12 50 18 33

- by email: helpdesk@esante.lu

Once your request has been processed by them, the Agence eSanté will send you a letter containing your personal activation codes.

To be able to access the services of the eSanté platform, including the DSP, you must first activate your "esANTé Patform account" using the connection details sent to you by post by the Agence eSanté.

Once you have activated it, you have the right to access :

  • automatic and permanent if you are the patient's referring doctor;
  • permanent (which remains valid as long as the patient does not change it) if the patient has entered your name in the "Cercle Médical de Confiance";
  • if the patient has given you his/her presence code, which gives you a time-limited right of access (24 hours).

If you work in a health care institution, access to your patient's DSP is made, once you have activated your "eSanté platform account", through your institution's information system, under the condition that your institution has obtained a certificate of compliance from the Agence eSanté authorising it to connect to the eSanté platform.

The use of the LuxTrust card will not be required as long as the strong authentication is validated through the institutions' business tools.

You should register health data that are useful and relevant for the follow-up of the patient and for the coordination of the health care to be provided.

The data deposited by the patient is recorded in the "espace privé" of the patient's DSP, so that it is clear to you that it is information deposited by the patient, and not by a health professional. Therefore, there is no need to check the relevance of this data

Yes, you still have the right to access the documents you have authored, even if the patient has disabled your right of access.

The DSP does not allow documents and information in the DSP to be deleted. By an exceptional procedure, for exceptional situations, the Agency's doctor, subject to professional secrecy and medical ethics, may delete certain documents, with the deletion being traced and documented.

More questions?

Contact our helpdesk by phone (+352) 27 12 50 18 33 or email (helpdesk@esante.lu)