The HealthNet network

The mission of the Agence eSanté is to enable the development of the use of new information technologies in the health sector to promote the exchange and sharing of medical data in an optimal and secure manner.

In this context, the Agence eSanté uses and makes available to health care institutions and professionals, a highly secure computer network, called HealthNet, to help health care providers to conduct their activities while respecting confidentiality and data protection.

HealthNet is the framework for the secure interconnection network between the different actors in the health sector. It is a secure high-speed infrastructure network that provides various security services, such as Reverse Proxy, Web Proxy, Email Gateway

The objective of the HealthNet network is also to rationalise investments in the security of network equipment through the use of a common infrastructure, the sharing of services and the establishment of a single point of contact.

Conditions of access

Access to HealthNet, its services and applications is restricted to professionals and institutions working in the health sector such as

  • hospitals,
  • medical analysis laboratories,
  • doctors,
  • health professionals,
  • associations in the health field,
  • research centres,...
The Services

The HealthNet network offers the following services to Health Care Institutions and Health Professionals

  • connectivity between Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Institutions and Internet access via a proxy server
  • remote access to the network via VPN and strong authentication;
  • the provision of messaging services;
  • hosting of virtual servers; and
  • network equipment and services: reverse proxy, IDS, DNS, NTP, NAT, etc.

The HealthNet network uses a number of technologies to enable healthcare professionals and small organisations to connect to the SSL-VPN (Token) network. If a connection to the infrastructure of a health care institution connected to the HealthNet network is required, the request must be approved in advance by the institution via the registration form. For any changes to access or questions, please contact the HealthNet Servicedesk: