Workshops on the ergonomics of practice management software

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On Wednesday 3 May and Thursday 11 May 2023, two workshops on the ergonomics of practice management software were held at the Agency's offices

Médecins autour d'une table en réunion

The aim of these workshops, which were open to all GPs and specialists practicing in Luxembourg, was to improve the use of the Agency's main service, the DSP (Electronic Health Record), via their practice management software.

After a general presentation of the eSanté services, the attending physicians were invited to take part in a brainstorming session to share their practice habits and their specific needs in terms of managing their documentary resources (results of biological examinations, medical imaging, discharge letters, prescription of medicines, etc.).

The evening ended with a cocktail reception and convivial discussions on the digitalization of healthcare data. It was an opportunity for the Agency to note the genuine interest shown by the doctors present for more information, and even training, on the eHealth services available to them and to Luxembourg citizens.

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