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These are the headlines of the articles published in "Semper" and "Letz be healthy" - two reference magazines in the health sector in Luxembourg

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These publications are part of a communication campaign set up by the Agence eSanté to give more visibility to digital health services, including its leading service, the electronic healthcare record (Dossier de Soins Partagé - DSP).

"Letz be healthy" is a monthly magazine distributed in pharmacies and waiting rooms of hospitals, doctors' practices and healthcare facilities. The article in "Semper", a magazine dedicated to the Luxembourg medical profession (general practitioners and specialists, dentists, pharmacists, and stakeholders in the health sector), also mentions other eSanté services made available to them, such as the Electronic vaccination record (Carnet de Vaccination Electronique - CVE), the WSE and the DOMI, and gives some statistics reflecting their use. 

Below the links to both articles:
Article in Semper
Article in Letz be healthy

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