Agence eSanté presents an update on the DSP at the press conference of the Ministry of Social Security

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On 26 September 2023, the Minister for Social Security, Claude Haagen, as well as representatives of the various social security entities and Agence eSanté presented the latest advances in the digitalisation of healthcare in Luxembourg

Table avec ministre et autres intervenenants

On this occasion, our colleagues Raffaella Vaccaroli, Deputy Chief Operating Services Officer, and Dr. Laurent Vandenhove, head of the DSP project, were able to share some key figures reflecting the use of the electronic health record (DSP) by healthcare professionals and patients.

They also presented the innovative concept of the "smart DSP", the main aim of which is to optimise the use of available health data in order to strengthen coordination and improve medical follow-up by all the health professionals involved in patient care. In practical terms, the 'smart DSP', using requests providing non-re-identifiable data, aims to support healthcare professionals in areas such as the diagnosis and management of complex and chronic diseases.

During the conference, Luxembourg's other social security key players, including the Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale (IGSS), the Centre commun de la sécurité sociale (CCSS), the Caisse nationale de pension (CNAP) and the Caisse nationale de santé (CNS), presented their respective new digitised services. In addition, a live demonstration was given to illustrate how the Direct Immediate Payment (PID - Paiement immédiat direct) service works using software designed for healthcare professionals.

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