Tele­consultation service


In order to prevent the development of COVID, a free teleconsultation platform has been made available to doctors, dentists, speech therapists, midwives and dieticians to carry out remote consultations


Since its first launch in March 2020, our eConsult service has undergone several evolutions in response to the needs of the sector, resulting in the following enhancements:

a more streamlined general ergonomics
the possibility to manage the telephone contacts linked to your account and to add a general information message
a more extensive and dynamic setting of your calendar, making it possible to synchronise it with your practice software later on
the ability to view the history of patient appointments and message exchanges
the possibility to download a document filed by the patient

The platform offers teleconsultation management functionalities, such as the management of a diary, but also the automatic completion of the following four documents which can, if necessary, be edited for sending to the patient   

the invoice for the teleconsultation act in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic;
the certificate of incapacity for work;
a prescription for medication;
a prescription for laboratory analysis.


If you are automatically redirected to the Agence eSanté website ( when you connect to the service, please empty your browser's cache.
Teleconsult, a tool that integrates the following security and personal data protection measures:
  • Collection and processing of personal information in accordance with the RGPD ((EU) 2016/679) ;
  • Personal data hosted on Luxembourg territory by an approved hosting company;
  • With the prior explicit consent of the User, personal data collected exclusively for use by Health Professionals in compliance with the rules relating to medical secrecy, by the User's attending physician with his prior consent and upon transmission of the report by him, by the CNS for the invoice and the Certificate of Incapacity for Work, and by the Agency's employees who are strictly authorised to support the provision of the service to Users;
  • No personal data is transferred or communicated to other persons;
  • Right of information, access, rectification, opposition and deletion of personal data for any User.