Prescriptions are often the basis for medical acts and care. In a context of increasing dematerialisation, digitalising exchanges between the various health professionals makes sense.

Today, the Agence eSanté is developing the ePrescription service in a national context, but also at the European level (participation in the European CEF eHDSI programme).

This eHealth service aims to successively dematerialise the following 4 prescription cases:

  • biological analyses,
  • medication,
  • medical care,
  • radiological examinations and other medical imaging.

The expected benefits are multiple:

  • the security of services, identities and medical data,
  • traceability of exchanges,
  • qualitative assistance for prescriptions (thanks to, for example: access to the patient's medical data, to dispensations made, to analysis or imaging reports),
  • digital prescriptions are centralised in the DSP in a secure manner,
  • time and cost savings related to the monitoring and control of the provision of services,
  • improved administrative follow-up by facilitating the matching of payment and prescription.

The main role of the Agence eSanté is to identify and facilitate these exchanges between the health professionals concerned, by offering document sharing in a standardised electronic format. To do this, it develops and implements the prescription repositories inherent in the corresponding services.

To date, the Agency has already put in place two of the four national prescription repositories for the first use cases under development: laboratory analysis prescription and medication prescription.

In addition, it is also working on setting up a medication interaction service for prescribers and pharmacies, within and outside hospitals.