Service provided to specialised medical institutions without a technical platform

This electronic patient record management application is offered by the Agence eSanté to small specialised health structures that do not have a technical platform.
Ideomed includes the following modules to facilitate the follow-up of the patient's care:

  • the personalised care plan (PPS), which allows the automatic planning of care insurance acts
  • the diary, allowing the planning of appointments and workshops
  • the autonomy assessment, which consists in offering a more pictorial autonomy assessment, thus facilitating the follow-up of patients by  health care providers

As Ideomed is implemented by the same vendor that provided the eSanté platform, this tool is compliant (in terms of connection criteria) with the eSanté platform and the electronic health record. This facilitates the exchange of health data with the DSP.

Partners using this service

The Agence eSanté has accompanied the following health establishments in the deployment of Ideomed within their structure:  

  • the Centre de réhabilitation du Château de Colpach et la Fondation Tricentenaire, which were among the pilot establishments initiated in 2017
  • Hôpital Intercommunal de Steinfort, which has been using it since the end of 2018

Haus Omega 90 has planned the roll-out in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

This application has also been selected in a call for tenders by the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg and the Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch. The two hospitals will deploy it under the name DOP@MIN (Dossier Patient Mutualisé Informatisé) to centralise all information relating to the patient's journey in hospital.

Ideomed-image assistance AeS equipe medicale

Is your organisation interested in this service?

Then do not hesitate to contact us. Our project team will assist you in the detailed analysis of your institution's needs, and in the definition of the functionalities to be configured afterwards.

Once the service has been configured to your needs and is ready for deployment, our project managers will support you in order to enable you to take the application in hand and understand all its finer points. Representatives are trained within your organisation, enabling you to work independently in the long term.