Teleconsulta­tion service

In order to facilitate access to care and medical aid for citizens while limiting their displacements, the Government has mandated the Agence eSanté to set up a global teleconsultation system


Since its first launch in March 2020, our eConsult service has undergone several evolutions in response to the needs of the sector, resulting in the following enhancements:

a more streamlined general ergonomics
adaptation to all screens (PC, tablets and smartphones)

the possibility to make an appointment with additional specialists (speech therapists and dieticians)

the possibility of making an appointment for a third person (child, parent, etc.)

the possibility of sharing a document with a health professional




If you are automatically redirected to the Agence eSanté website when you connect to the service, please clear your browser cache.

Consult our FAQ to find out how to do this for each browser

The advantages of using the services of the Teleconsultation Platform:

As the Covid-19 pandemic is still relevant, using the teleconsultation service offers you several advantages:

  • it helps to limit movement and contact, and therefore the risk of contamination
  • it protects patients, healthcare professionals and all citizens
  • of course, the teleconsultation tool does not replace medicine, but allows easy access to care and brings good added value through videoconferencing and electronic sending of documents


eConsult, a tool integrating the following security and personal data protection measures :

  • Collection and processing of personal information in accordance with GDPR ((EU) 2016/679);
  • Personal data hosted on Luxembourg territory by an approved host;
  • With the express prior consent of the user, personal data collected exclusively intended for Healthcare Professionals in compliance with the rules relating to medical confidentiality, to the doctor's treating the user with his prior consent and upon transmission of the report by his care, at the CNS for the Memorandum of Fees and the Certificate of Incapacity for work, to strictly authorized employees of the Agency for support in providing the service to Users;
  • No personal data transferred or communicated to other people;
  • Right of information, access, rectification, opposition and deletion of personal data for any user.

About the eConsult platform

eConsult allows the patient to have an online consultation with his doctor, dentist, speech therapist or midwife. This consultation takes place either by audio or video.

Why launching a teleconsultation platform?

In order to facilitate access to medical care, the Government has mandated the Agence eSanté to set up a global teleconsultation system. All citizens must have simple, secure and free access to a teleconsultation platform. This measure is essential in order to limit travel and therefore the risk of contamination. It also allows doctors in quarantine to continue to practice their profession.

How does it work ?

The patient and the doctor register on the platform. Then, the patient can request an appointment with the doctor by consulting his diary. Doctor and patient then come into contact by teleconsultation.

Why use eConsult for teleconsultation ?

eConsult allows teleconsultation to be carried out in a secure environment suitable for remote consultation. In addition, eConsult automatically sends at the end of the consultation all the information to ensure the follow-up of the sick patient (e.g. pharmacy, laboratory, CNS).

What to do with the various documents that the doctor has drawn up during the teleconsultation ?

All the documents drawn up by the doctor as part of the teleconsultation are automatically made available to you through your eConsult account. You will receive notification of the filing of these documents by email. Read below if there is a specific action you need to take for each of these documents:

Certificate of incapacity for work

The certificate of incapacity for work is made up of three parts:

  • Part n ° 1: is automatically sent to the CNS
  • Part n ° 2: is to be kept by you
  • Part n ° 3: is to be printed and sent to your employer

Prescription of medicines

Please print the prescription issued by the doctor:


  • if it has a QR-code at the bottom left: you can go to the pharmacy of your choice. The pharmacist can retrieve this prescription via his computer system by entering your registration number.
  • if the prescription does not contain a QR-code: then please wait to receive the original prescription from your teleconsultation doctor, by post or in person.


Prescription for analysis

It is automatically sent to the laboratory of your choice. You can therefore go directly to the laboratory concerned. If the prescription must be done at home, the laboratory will contact you to arrange a visit.


Do not forget to retrieve the doctors’bill from your eConsult account and pay it immediately.