Living Lab

Our initiative to bring together health and research actors, industrialists and start-ups around ideas for co-innovation in health

With the aim of stimulating the creation of digital health solutions for curative, preventive and personalised medicine, and to move from passive data to intelligent data

The increased use of digital health tools is leading to more data sources and exponential growth in the types and volumes of data available. Combined with the evolution of technologies in health, this big data in health represents a real opportunity to exploit data for research and public health.

The analysis of these data has many interests: identification of disease risk factors, assistance in the diagnosis, choice and monitoring of the effectiveness of treatments, better prevention and management of diseases, identification of serious adverse events and alerts on certain risks, pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, etc...

On the other hand, the constitution of a pseudonymised datalake, respecting a very high level of confidentiality in terms of data protection and based on BigData technologies, also makes it possible to carry out "machine learning" and artificial intelligence type analyses. These additional tools will make it possible to move from "passive" databases to databases with active content capable of interacting according to who consults it and for what pathology.

Our Living Lab, which will receive companies wishing to develop innovation, has moved to our second site, located in the south in Esch sur Alzette in the "House of BioHealth" building. It is intended to be a space for interdisciplinary exchanges facilitating the creation of innovative projects, based on artificial intelligence and connected health for example, which will accelerate the digitalisation of the health sector and bring quality and added value to all stages of patient care.