Change of Chairman for our Management Board

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At the Annual General Meeting of the Agence eSanté on June 14, 2023, the members of the Agence eSanté appointed a new Chairman of the Management Board, as the terms of office of the members and the Chairman had expired


nouveau président

The new Chairman of the Agence eSanté is Marc Hostert, Government Advisor First Class at the Ministry of Social Security.

The outgoing chairman, Christian Oberlé, took the decision, in consultation with the Agence eSanté’s supervisory ministers, not to renew his mandate as chairman of the Agence eSanté.

On the one hand, the confrontational discourse between certain providers and members of the Agence eSanté over the last few months has clearly shown that combining the two responsibilities of President of the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) and President of the Agence eSanté gives rise to confusion and amalgamation, which does not necessarily contribute to a return to healthy relations between all stakeholders.

While the dual mandate was appropriate for setting up the Agence eSanté and its departments, a better separation between the CNS and the Agence eSanté has become necessary for the Agence eSanté. The latter will be called upon to play a leading role in the digitization of the health and social security sector, and must therefore be able to play a unifying role for all stakeholders.

Indeed, the many challenges associated with this digitalization must be tackled in a spirit of constructive partnership, while ensuring greater separation between the various players, who remain entirely autonomous. The aim is to exclude any risk of conflicts of interest. To ensure greater transparency, the Annual General Meeting also approved a proposed amendment to the internal regulations governing conflicts of interest. A new procedure has been introduced in this area.

Furthermore, in view of the current economic context, which is part of a polycrisis environment, the Chairman of the CNS wishes to focus his attention on the financial situation of the CNS, which is experiencing a structural deficit in health and maternity insurance.

The Chairman of the CNS and outgoing Chairman of the Agence eSanté, believes it is essential to focus his remaining term of office on issues directly related to the CNS, with priority given to those that will contribute to a more efficient healthcare sector.

The members of the Agence eSanté thanked the outgoing chairman for his dedication to the Agence eSanté, first as a director on the management board, then as chairman, and congratulated the new chairman.