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Electronic cross-border health services provided in Luxembourg

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The eHDSI services provided by Luxembourg  

1st cross-border health information service now available: electronic retrieval of your Patient Summary

Accordingly, a doctor practicing in Luxembourg can ask to receive your Patient Summary from your country of affiliation. This document contains your essential medical information, and will thereby help doctors to formulate an adequate treatment and avoid some possible risk (for instance in case of allergy). Since it is delivered in the doctor’s language, as well as in your country’s language, it also helps to overcome potential linguistic barriers.

As a first step, Czech citizens can benefit from this service, and in the upcoming months also Portuguese, Maltese and Cypriotic citizens. Gradually the service will become available to the citizens of all the 22 European Member states participating in the CEF eHDSI programme.

As of 2020, two additional eHDSI services will be provided by Luxembourg :

Starting 2020, Luxembourg will operate the wo additional cross-border health use cases: 

1. Sending a Luxembourg citizen’s patient summary to a healthcare professional abroad : this wil allow Luxembourg patients to benefit from retrieving their patient summary when treated by a foreign health professional abroad, based on the patient’s explicit consent.

2. Sending an ePrescription - prescribed by a Luxembourg doctor - to a pharmacy abroad so as to allow a Luxembourg citizen to retrieve his medication there.

Other EU countries operating the CEF eHDSI services

Luxembourg is one of the two countries piloting the patient summary exchange.  The cross-border electronic exchange of Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions are progressively being rolled-out in the following 22 EU countries: Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Portugal, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. To check the latest state-of-play, please consult the overview of participating countries on: