Our Helpdesk at the Centre François Baclesse

Actus eSanté

On 30 June, two members of our Helpdesk team were present at the Centre François Baclesse in Esch to enable healthcare professionals to activate their eSanté account directly on site

Helpdesk au Centre Baclesse

Having an activated eSanté account allows healthcare professionals to access eSanté services, such as the electronic healthcare record (DSP - Dossier de Soins Partagé) via their practice software or the electronic vaccination record (CVE - Carnet de Vaccination Électronique). Some of the health professionals present even used the opportunity to sign up for the teleconsultation service offered by the Agency.

Would you like to have information on professional access to eSanté services or the implementation of the DSP in your practice software? Contact our Helpdesk by phone on (+352) 27 12 50 18 33 or by e-mail at helpdesk@esante.lu.